Acrylic (1/8, 1/4 & 1/2 Inch)

We offer  1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inch acrylic which hang on the wall by default with a diamond polished edge option (recommended for 1/4 & 1/2 ).  Each piece floats from the wall  3/4 inches with all hanging hardware hidden for a very modern, floating effect.  See more about our acrylic face mounted prints here.

Acrylic 1 Inch Blocks (Standalone Or Hang - Your Choice!)

Your photo is face mounted to 1 inch thick diamond polished acrylic blocks.  Free standing units are great for a desk or mantle or you can choose a hang option.  We now have larger blocks at 10×10, 15×15, 12×8, 15×10, 12×9, 20×15 and a new larger pano size of 20×6)  See more about our acrylic photo blocks.


Our bamboo photo mount offers a beautiful, natural and eco-friendlier option. It’s one of our favorites! Each piece is hand sanded and stained bringing out the beautiful pattern on the sides.  This offers a softer, more matte look.  See more about our bamboo product.

Raw Aluminum

Our aluminum photo mount offers another sleek, upscale look with your photo mounted to the front of 100% 1/8 inch thick raw aluminum. This is a softer, more matte look than our acrylic product. Upgrade to metallic paper for a bit extra pop to your photo on aluminum. See more about our aluminum product.

Dibond (With Border Option)

These are a great budget friendlier option to the aluminum. Lightweight, rigid and a great modern look. More of a soft, matte look than our acrylic product. Dibond is a 1/8 inch thick aluminum composite material, with a hard black plastic core and two thin sheets of aluminum on the outsides. We can add a brushed aluminum border (the border option isn’t available, but can be ordered offline – contact us for details and pricing). See more about our dibond product.


Our gatofoam photo mount product offers the most budget friendly and lightweight option. It’s not quite as durable as our other products, but if you’re not handling it a lot it’s a great option. We don’t really recommend this product for professionals reselling their work due to durability and feel it’s best to offer a more premium product for selling mounted fine art. This is better suited for the home, trade shows and presentations. Upgrade to metallic paper for a bit extra pop to your photo on gatorfoam. See more about our gatorfoam product.