A Unique, Personalized Christmas Gift Idea For Your Loved Ones!

Transform Your Digital Images Into Gallery Quality Art

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“Just got my first order from you folks on Bamboo!! AWESOME!! Only problem is it’s suppose to be a gift, looks so good I don’t want to part with it!!” – via FaceBook

Are you looking for a highly unique Christmas gift this season?  You’re at the right place!  What we do at Bumblejax is transform any digital image (a photo or abstract design) and transform it into gallery quality wall art by enlarging and face mounting to bamboo, acrylic, aluminum and foam.  Sure, you could opt for traditional framing, but if you want to offer something unique that an increasing number of professional photographers are using in galleries, you’ll love our product.

image BAMBOO is our latest offering, which is quickly becoming a popular option for those wanting an eco-friendly,
highly unique art piece of their pooch. Each bamboo plank is hand sanded and stained to highlight the
beautiful striations on the side. Here’s what one happy customer had to say over at Facebook: ”
“Just got my first order from you folks on Bamboo!! AWESOME!! Only problem is it’s suppose to be a gift, looks
so good I don’t want to part with it!!”
image ACRYLIC/PLEXI is our #1 best seller and it’s easy to see why. Your digital photo is mounted behind the acrylic which brings out the vibrancy of the photo and gives it an almost 3D look. This is very popular with artists wanting to display in galleries and commercial users who want another layer of protection and durability. One of our customers describes it perfectly:
“We just received our acrylic mounted photo of our grand daughter. It is gorgeous. The acrylic makes the photo almost look 3-dimensional. The fact that it’s ready to hang is great. Thank you so much for the ability to display a fine photo, much less expensive than going to a photo studio.”
image ALUMINUM is great for those looking for a clean, industrial look. Your photo is mounted to a 1/4″ slab of raw aluminum and with two fir boards attached, floats from the wall and is ready to hang!
“I just wanted to let you know I received my mounted print tonight and it’s awesome. I love it!! I will try a couple more pieces using different materials shortly to see how they look, but I absolutely love the current aluminum one!! “
image GATORFOAM provides a great alternative for the budget minded. Your photo is mounted to lightweight, but highly durable polystyrene foam and looks great in any setting. As is the case with all prints, two floater blocks are attached to the back to produce a “floating” effect and comes ready to hang!
“I love my print! I chose the image to be mounted on the 1/2″ black gatorboard with the satin laminate
overlay. I love that the matte finish perfectly compliments the dreamy quality of my Holga photograph.
Blown up to 24″X24″ it still retains the subtle details of light and shadow. I will be using Bumblejax again!”

Why Choose BumbleJax.com?

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bjcam Your art is our passion and outstanding customer service is what we pride ourselves on
bjcam Free shipping on every order or pick up at our office
bjcam Cheaper and much more modern than traditional framing
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Get started creating your unique Christmas gift (or any print for that matter) today by heading over to our super simple configuration page. Just upload, choose your size, your material and voila! Your art will be at your door in about a week and ready to hang.  We also offer gift certificates and can ship directly to the gift recipient.