Placing Order

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?


All orders of stocked sizes (order configured online) are completed within 5-6 business days unless there are many prints (typically 10 or more), which could extend production time.  We would notify you of this.

All orders of custom sizes (or a mix of custom and standard) are completed and shipped out in 6-8 business days.  Again it could be longer for many prints.

Rush orders available which gets your print out in 24-48 hours for a 20% extra charge.  If you place the order before 12PM PST we ship it out the very next day.


During the winter months even expedited shipping isn’t guaranteed due to possible weather restrictions.  Give yourself a couple extra days during the winter particularly if you’re on the East Coast and there are known severe storms in the US.

You can choose Ground shipping, 2-day, 3-day  or Standard Overnight shipping.  Once you type your information in the billing area at checkout these expedited options will appear with pricing in the shipping section.

In general, West Coast standard shipping time is 1-3 business days and East Coast is 5 business days.
All of WA, much of OR and some of ID  is just one business day with ground shipping so don’t expedite if you don’t have to!

Please see the map below to determine how long it takes to ship standard to your location, but keep in mind winter weather can delay shipments.


Are Rush Orders Available?

Yes! Rush orders are available at a cost of 20% of the order.   Rush orders get out our door in 24-48 hours depending on what time you get your rush order in.  The cut off is at 12PM PST.  So, if you get your order in before 12PM PST, it will go out the very next day unless that day is a Sat, Sun or holiday. If you have a large order, this extremely tight turn around may not be possible, so please contact if you need to rush out more than 5 pieces.

This option is now available for custom sizes on all products except aluminum.

You can choose the rush option at checkout.

Please note this is the rush production option, not a rush shipping option.  If you need faster shipping as well, you can choose that at checkout and we offer overnight, 2 day and 3 day expedited shipping.

I’m A Bit Wary Of Placing An Order Online. Can I Call With My Credit Card?

Our website is monitored 24/7 for security breach attempts and blocked immediately.  We also do not store credit information on our server and never will.  That being said we understand some customers prefer to call in the order and we can accommodate you.

Before calling us with payment information we will need you to send us an email with what you are looking and we’ll respond with a link to upload your image for review.  Once the order is agreed upon you can call us with your credit card information.

Can I Cancel The Order If I Made A Mistake?

It depends on when you want to cancel. Our systems are highly automated and some orders go into production almost as soon as they are submitted, but typically you would have about 24 hours to change your mind. Once an order is actually in production it is too late to cancel and get a 100% refund.  We would need to charge our cost based on where we are in the production process.

Please contact us via email, phone (1-877-518-5187) or live chat (if available) to cancel your order and please include your order number so we can identify it in our system. Your email will be addressed promptly, but it would help to put “Cancel Order” in the subject line.

Is It Possible To Easily Reorder The Same Picture Later?

Absolutely! Just sign in to your account and go to your order history. From here, you can re-order any print that you have purchased in the past by hitting the reorder link next to the purchase.  If the quantity needs to change that can be adjusted at checkout, but product options have to be exactly the same.  If you want to reorder the same image with different product options you’ll need to configure a new order.

Can I Pay With Money Order Or Check?

Absolutely, you can select check or money order payment at checkout, but we can’t begin production until the check or money order has been deposited and cleared.  That can delay an order by a week or more.  We recommend paying via Paypal or credit card to receive your print as quickly as possible.

I Don’t See The Size I Want. Do You Offer Custom Orders?

Absolutely! The sizes you see in the price grid or at our online configuration page are the sizes we stock in house and are produced a couple days faster, but we can do any size up to 96×48″ in the acrylic (with the exception of 1/2″ which is limited to max of 40×30 and the 1″ blocks which are limited to stocked sizes), dibond or gatorfoam. For the aluminum product our max is 36×24″ due to possible bowing at larger sizes. For the bamboo product we can do any custom size up to 40×30″. Custom sizes take 6-8 business days to produce and the order minimum is $75.


What Is The Largest Size You Can Do?

Here are the max sizes we can do for each product.  We can do any custom size down to the 1/4″ inch.

Acrylic (1/8 & 1/4″) – 96×48″ and 48×48″ square.
Acrylic (1/2″) – 40×30″ and 36×36″ square.
Acrylic (1″) Blocks – only the sizes we offer for sale online.  Largest size is 20×15.  We may be able to do custom sizes for larger orders.  Contact us to discuss.

Dibond – 96×48″ and 48×48″ square.

Gatorfoam – 96×48″ and 48×48″ square.

Bamboo – 40×30″ and 36×36″ square.

Aluminum – 36×24″ and 30×30″ square.  Aluminum is a soft metal and we’d be concerned about bowing at larger sizes.  For very large pieces, you might consider our dibond product.

If I Send You My Own Print, Are You Able To Mount It

UPDATE:  Sorry, but in most cases we are no longer accepting orders with a customer supplied print.  If you have ordered from us before using your own prints or have a large order we may accommodate you, but it’s a case by case basis.  Please contact us to discuss!

Here are the requirements:

  1. Bleed: We need 4″ on either side of the shortest side and 1/4″ bleed on the other 3 sides.  For example if you were supplying us a 30×20″ print would be 30.5″x24.25″ print when including white space.
  2. We are not responsible for damage to customer supplied prints. The face-mounting process is difficult and prints do get damaged on occasion (air bubbles, spec of dust). We recommend you send 2 prints of each so we have a back up in case something happens.  It’s OK to just send one, but if something happens and we need to do it again, it slows down the process.
  3. We do not recommend the mounting process for prints that aren’t easily duplicated.
  4. Must be an inkjet or c-print.
  5. The paper must be a glossy or satin photo paper (metallic papers are ok). The paper needs to be as smooth as possible or it may show an orange peel effect.

Does My Mounted Print Come Ready To Hang?

Yes, all prints are ready to hang on your wall right out of the box! Our default hanging system for prints about 40×30″ and below uses hanging wire and a drywall hook for easy hanging no tools required.  Our larger pieces as well as those using our new aluminum subframe system use a french cleat which requires drilling into the wall.  Instructions are provided.

Do not hang prints directly above sleeping areas or where people will be hurt if print falls off of the wall due to earthquake or hanging hardware malfunction.  Each drywall hook can hold up to 50+lbs.  The french cleat system is a more stable hanging system and is generally recommended for commercial spaces.

Will Any Part Of My Image Be Removed During The Mount Process?

Yes, we need to trim off 1/8″ (often times a bit less) when mounting prints to our different materials. Please make sure that you account for this when placing a digital signature in your file. We recommend having the signature 3/8″ away from the edge of the image.


What Colorspace Do You Accept?

We recommend using a standard working space profile such as sRGB, Adobe RGB 1998 or ProPhoto RGB. The Adobe 1998 and ProPhoto colorspaces are preferred and offer the widest color gamut for your prints.  Please make sure the colorspace is embedded into your file.  If no colorspace is embedded, the default will be sRGB.

What Printers, Inks & Papers Do You Use?

All of our prints come off the HP Designjet  z6100 and z6200.

Our standard paper is a Mitsubishi Diamond Jet Photoluster paper and our metallic paper upgrade is aLexjet Sunset Metallic Photo Paper.

Our HP Vivera pigment inks are rated to last in excess of 100 years without fading. (indoors and out of direct sunlight and high humidity).

Keep all prints out of sunlight, high humidity and warm areas. Also, it is a good idea to rotate artwork so that the same light is not cast on the image year after year.

What DPI or PPI Should My Image Be For The Best Looking Print?

150 DPI (or 300 ppi) will get you a great looking print, but we have great success at lower DPI.  Note that lighting, file compression and the type of camera can all effect the final outcome of the print. Do not re-save your .jpeg file over and over again which can result in poor image quality.  The Bumblejax photo configuration engine will analyze the horizontal and vertical pixel counts and determine which sizes will be best suited for the uploaded image.  If we find that an image is less then suitable for reproduction, we will be sure to contact you.


What Is Your Return Policy?

BumbleJax is committed to superior products and customer service.  We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy, but please know we can’t be held responsible for the following:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors made by the customer.
  • Errors in selected options such as material, quantity, paper type or cropping.  Please be sure to review your order and make sure it’s what you want!
  • Damage to your print not related to transit (ie dropping your print)
  • Exact color matching what you see on your end.  Our print experts do a great job and while we have an ICC color profile we can send you, if you are very particular about exact color matching we recommend ordering a small paper proof first to make sure.   We also offer proofs of the acrylic product to see how your image will look behind the acrylic (excludes backing and hanging material).

Returning Your Product (Please Don’t Return Until You Contact Us First)

It is extremely rare that we ask a customer to return a product to us.  In 99% of cases where there is an issue we simply redo the order for the customer rather than offer a refund, but digital pictures of the issue are required.  In the other 1%, the customer just wants a refund and we’ll determine whether we’d like the product sent back or just refund it.  Bottom line is that we want our customers happy and if you’re not we’re going to redo it or refund you without you having to jump through a bunch of hurdles or hassle.

Please inspect the product as soon as you can and notify us immediately of any shipping damage or other issues.  We would also greatly appreciate pictures of the damage in order to file a claim with FedEx or UPS.  We must be notified via email or live chat within 10 calendar days of receiving your print.  If no such claim is made within 10 days, Bumblejax and the customer will understand that the print has been accepted.  By accepting the print, the customer acknowledges that Bumblejax performance has fully satisfied all terms, conditions and specifications. You will need to keep all original packaging and contents until the claim resolution process is finished.

  • Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • You are responsible for return shipping costs.
  • We strongly encourage you to return your item via a trackable method.

What Kind Of Quality/Color Guarantee Do You Have?

We have years of experience in printing, print-design and photography and are very particular about our print quality.  Computer hardware varies substantially – specifically, monitors and CRT displays. It would be impossible for us to claim that the image on your screen will look the same on our screen, let alone our printed reproduction. However, we do utilize color profiling software to generate the most accurate reproductions possible.  It’s highly recommended that for those wanting to try to better match what they see on their monitor and what the print will look like purchase a monitor color calibration tool . However, the only surefire way is to purchase a small paper proof.

As for resolution concerns, our online order system is setup to detect that the image has enough resolution to print at a particular size.  In the rare case an image gets through our system that doesn’t have enough resolution to print to our standards we will contact you.  You might be surprised but some customers prefer a bit of a low resolution look!



What Is Best Way To Clean My Print?

All prints can be wiped with a lint free, slightly damp micro fiber cloth.

You should be particularly careful with the acrylic products.  You can not use cleaners such as Windex and scratching can occur if not careful.  We sell a clean kit consisting of a micro fiber cloth and a cleaner called Brillianize.  You can add this to your order while checking out or get it here.

NEW! Our new TruLife premium acrylic product offers more scratch resistance and can be cleaned with any ammonia-free glass cleaner.

Do not store prints in areas with extreme temperature change such as storage units.   Keep all prints out of sunlight, high humidity and overly warm conditions.


I Found An Acrylic Print From A Competitor Much Cheaper. Am I Missing Something?

It’s important to note that not all art is created equally.  There are quite a few variables involved.  With cheaper competing products, the image will often times be printed directly to the material.  For example, some companies print directly on the acrylic.  We first print to professional photo paper then face mount the image to the acrylic providing the full color gamut and color clarity/vibrancy.  We believe printing was made for paper and that certainly achieves the best result but it requires highly skilled labor and it’s not an easy process.  This results in a higher price.  We also back the acrylic/print with a dibond backer to stabilize the acrylic and keep it from bowing over time.  Other companies may use a cheaper backer or none at all which is when you’ll see stand off bolts to attach it to the wall in all four corners.  Our pieces have no obstruction so  there is no distraction away from the image.  Everything is hidden so it appears your wall art floats from the wall.

We don’t skimp on customer service.  Your emails are answered quickly.  Your phone calls are answered by knowledgeable customer service reps right away and most importantly if there is an issue with a damaged print or any other issue, we take care of it quickly.  Half our customers are pro photographers so we understand the quality needed and the prompt, professional service needed for important gallery shows and events.

On a final note our materials are sourced locally and all products handmade by us in Seattle.

Don’t take our word on our commitment to quality and customer service! We have over 1200 positive reviews independently verified by the Ekomi service! and nearly 1500 overall across all review channels such as Google+, Yelp and Facebook.


What Is The Shipping Charge?

Our current shipping charge for online orders is 10% of the product price ($10 minimum).  Generally speaking, custom size orders with prints at 40×30″ and below also get a 10% rate, but for cheaper products such as gatorfoam and dibond it could be more.  This rate applies to all US states except Alaska and Hawaii which get a rate of 25% of product price + $10 for 40×30″ and below.

Shipping rate to Canada for sizes 40×30″ and below is 25% of product price + $10.

Shipping costs start jumping fairly quickly once you get beyond 40″ on a side.  Contact us for a quote.

International orders (except Canada) with sizes at 24″ and below are anywhere from 30-75% of the product price and getting larger than that can raise the shipping price to 75-100% or more of the product price.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, but keep in mind it can be expensive particularly for sizes over 24″ on a side.   Please email us your postal code, city and country, as well as the size, quantity and material you’re interested in and we’ll put together pricing for you. While we allow anyone in the world to place an online order shipped to US and Canada, we will need to send a Paypal invoice for orders shipped anywhere else.