5 Reasons Why We Like Aluminum Mounted Digital Prints.

There has been a lot of interest in the aluminum recently and I wanted to share 5 reasons why I think this is a great choice for photo mounting and showing off your prints.

1) Aluminum is a modern and fashionable way to display photography. I’ve seen professional photographers show their work in galleries using aluminum panels.

2) Besides being my favorite option for displaying photographs, aluminum displayed photographs look great in any home decor.

3) These aluminum panels are recyclable and stainless.

4) Aluminum is very durable. You will never have to worry about dinging up the corners with this material.

5) The aluminum we use is 1/8″ thick which, when hung on a wall, gives the appearance that your print is floating off the wall.

Do you have a favorite photo you want printed and mounted to Aluminum?  You can get started at our easy configuration page!

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  • Brian

    Love the image displayed here. Have a very similar idea in mind for some photos I have stitched together for a landscape. Is this printed directly to aluminum or a printed mounted on aluminum?

  • The BumbleJax Man

    Hi Brian, I love this image as well! These are printed on a photobase satin paper and mounted to bare, .125″ aluminum with a satin laminate to protect the image.

  • http://www.hugocruz.com Hugo

    I agree with the beauty of aluminum prints. However, there are some points in your post that are misleading. For one, although “floating” aluminum art is quite resilient, the corners can easily be bent if dropped or mishandled. If you have a high gloss print, you can try to bend the corner bend back but you will always see the distortion of the bend. You still need to be quite careful.

    Second, unless you are actually printing on an aluminum coated substrate (like sintra or AlumaCore) there is not way you are printing on 1/8″ raw solid Aluminum … It would be just too costly. Most aluminum prints are printed on .045 Thick Aluminum (1/8″ would be THREE times as thick at .125). Perhaps you meant that the recessed hidden backing makes the aluminum print “stand-out” 1/8″ from the wall … but, usually these floating stand-outs are 3/4″ to 1″ off the wall.

  • The BumbleJax Man

    Hi Hugo,

    We are actually printing on photo paper and then mounting the prints to raw 1/8″ aluminum, not an aluminum composite or .045 aluminum (and you’re right, it is expensive). The thick aluminum is very solid and will not bend whatsoever. Of course, if you drop it, it will damage much like anything else that is dropped. The hanging hardware on the back does make the aluminum piece standout about 3/4″ (using 1×2 and 1×3″ douglas fir).



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