The 2010 Travel Photo Contest Winners Circle

Our first ever photo contest just wrapped up and we’re pleased to announce the winners!  There were many great photos with nearly 80 submissions of photos from all over the world.  The voters have spoken and we have our winners.  Congratulations to our winners circle and thank you to all who participated!  We’ll likely do another photo contest in the next couple months. 

Nfarfan-bumblejax-contest-1_normal 1st Place goes to Noe Farfan for the Hidden Reflections of Yosemite entry.  Noe wins a 32×24 bamboo photo mount!    



2nd Place
goes to Rebecca Friedman for the From The Sky entry.  Rebecca wins a 20×15 acrylic photo mount.

20100715_oceanside_pier_with_lights_4149_test_reduce_noise_normal 3rd Place goes to Blayden Thompson for the Oceanside Pier Sunset entry.  Blayden winsa 12×9 aluminum photo mount.

More of Blayden’s great photos here.



4th Place goes to Ruth Hager for the Sunlight Plays In Antelope Canyon, AZ entry.  Ruth wins a 20% discount.

More of Ruth’s great photos here.





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