What Kind Of Quality/Color Guarantee Do You Have?

We have years of experience in printing, print-design and photography and are very particular about our print quality.  Computer hardware varies substantially – specifically, monitors and CRT displays. It would be impossible for us to claim that the image on your screen will look the same on our screen, let alone our printed reproduction. However, we do utilize color profiling software to generate the most accurate reproductions possible.  It’s highly recommended that for those wanting to try to better match what they see on their monitor and what the print will look like purchase a monitor color calibration tool . However, the only surefire way is to purchase a small paper proof.

As for resolution concerns, our online order system is setup to detect that the image has enough resolution to print at a particular size.  In the rare case an image gets through our system that doesn’t have enough resolution to print to our standards we will contact you.  You might be surprised but some customers prefer a bit of a low resolution look!


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