If I Send You My Own Print, Are You Able To Mount It

UPDATE:  Sorry, but in most cases we are no longer accepting orders with a customer supplied print.  If you have ordered from us before using your own prints or have a large order we may accommodate you, but it’s a case by case basis.  Please contact us to discuss!

Here are the requirements:

  1. Bleed: We need 4″ on either side of the shortest side and 1/4″ bleed on the other 3 sides.  For example if you were supplying us a 30×20″ print would be 30.5″x24.25″ print when including white space.
  2. We are not responsible for damage to customer supplied prints. The face-mounting process is difficult and prints do get damaged on occasion (air bubbles, spec of dust). We recommend you send 2 prints of each so we have a back up in case something happens.  It’s OK to just send one, but if something happens and we need to do it again, it slows down the process.
  3. We do not recommend the mounting process for prints that aren’t easily duplicated.
  4. Must be an inkjet or c-print.
  5. The paper must be a glossy or satin photo paper (metallic papers are ok). The paper needs to be as smooth as possible or it may show an orange peel effect.

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