I Found An Acrylic Print From A Competitor Much Cheaper. Am I Missing Something?

It’s important to note that not all art is created equally.  There are quite a few variables involved.  With cheaper competing products, the image will often times be printed directly to the material.  For example, some companies print directly on the acrylic.  We first print to professional photo paper then face mount the image to the acrylic providing the full color gamut and color clarity/vibrancy.  We believe printing was made for paper and that certainly achieves the best result but it requires highly skilled labor and it’s not an easy process.  This results in a higher price.  We also back the acrylic/print with a dibond backer to stabilize the acrylic and keep it from bowing over time.  Other companies may use a cheaper backer or none at all which is when you’ll see stand off bolts to attach it to the wall in all four corners.  Our pieces have no obstruction so  there is no distraction away from the image.  Everything is hidden so it appears your wall art floats from the wall.

We don’t skimp on customer service.  Your emails are answered quickly.  Your phone calls are answered by knowledgeable customer service reps right away and most importantly if there is an issue with a damaged print or any other issue, we take care of it quickly.  Half our customers are pro photographers so we understand the quality needed and the prompt, professional service needed for important gallery shows and events.

On a final note our materials are sourced locally and all products handmade by us in Seattle.

Don’t take our word on our commitment to quality and customer service! We have over 1200 positive reviews independently verified by the Ekomi service! and nearly 1500 overall across all review channels such as Google+, Yelp and Facebook.

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