The Acrylic Face Mount - More Vibrancy & Color Than Glass With An Equally Modern Look. Here's Why ...

Fine Art Photo + Light Refraction Of Acrylic = HD Color. WOW.

Your photo is printed to high grade photo paper with 100% color accuracy and a full gamut.  Pairing this fine art print with an air-tight acrylic face provides for a presentation that no other process can match.  Not even close.  While printing to glass is a novel idea, the color accuracy and range is considerably limited.  In terms of vibrancy, the acrylic is unique in how it reacts with light by refracting light and bouncing it back at you.  With glass, light simply passes through.

If you’re looking to have a photo printed to glass than you’ll love our acrylic face mounting process which is a difficult, labor-intensive process that few companies in the world have perfected.  The pay off is a print that offers far superior vibrancy and a wider color gamut that printing directly to glass.  We’d like to prove it to you by offering 30% off your first order (use code AcrylicWOW30 at checkout) and if you’re not 110% happy let us know and we’ll refund you in full including the shipping cost. 

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  • Luxurious Photo Display

    The frameless acrylic face mount offers an incredibly modern and brilliant display that no other presentation can match.  There are few companies in the world who do it and do it well.

  • Unparalleled Vibrancy

    Unlike traditional glass, where light simply passes through, the light refracts within the acrylic creating tremendous vibrancy particularly when paired with metallic paper and overhead lighting.

  • Materials Sourced Locally. 100% Handcrafted In Seattle.

    Our materials are sourced locally and every product made from start to finish by skilled craftsmen in Seattle.

  • Any Size, Lots Of Options!

    In addition to the 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick acrylic, we now have  1/2″, large 1″ blocks and the TruLife premium acrylic in 1/8″.  We can create any size up to a massive 96×48″.

  • No Direct Printing On Acrylic

    We use the superior face mount method where your photo is printed to high grade paper then face mounted for superior vibrancy and a full color gamut.

  • Free Consultation & Image Enhancement.

    The online order system does a good job of determining how large you can print, but we can provide a consultation to determine max print size for optimal resolution and discuss any enhancements such as color improvement, sharpening and noise reduction.

  • Arrives Ready To Hang.

    Your art arrives ready to hang and float from the wall 3/4″.  We offer both a doug fir/wire or aluminum/cleat hang system.

  • Secure Shipping Anywhere In The World.

    We ship your carefully packaged print to anywhere in the world.  From Canada, to Mexico, Colombia, Japan, the Dominican Republic and even Richard Branson’s Neckers Island, Bumblejax wall art is shipped across the globe.

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A Review From Captain Photo!

Absolutely, pricing includes the printing, mounting, floating/hang blocks and hanging hardware.  No spending hours trying to figure out pricing here!  😀  See pricing table in tab to left.  Pricing does not include shipping which is 10% of product price for pieces 40×30″ and below.

You got it!  The wood/wire hanging system is as easy as putting a drywall hook in your wall with no tools required.  For large pieces and those wanting the more sleek aluminum subframe will get a french cleat system which involved a little bit more work but not too bad.

Most orders will take about two weeks to receive from time of payment. Rush options decrease that time.


Standard: production time for stocked sizes that can be ordered online is typically 4-6 business days.  For custom sizes it’s about 7-8 business days.  Depending on what we have in the order queue sometimes orders can get out a day or  two faster.

Rush: we offer a rush production option at checkout online which gets your order out in 24-48 hours for a 20% charge.  We may not be able to do this for very large orders so please contact us before placing a large rush order.


Standard: standard ground shipping is 1-5 business days depending on where you’re located from Seattle.  So for example, orders going to WA, OR and ID can be as quick as overnight while orders going to the East Coast will need 5 business days.

Rush: we offer expedited shipping options if you need them, but they can get expensive.  For online orders, you have the choice of 3 day, 2 day and standard overnight shipping.  If you need a different option such as Saturday or AM delivery contact us before placing the order and we can send you a custom pay link.


TIP: Many of our customers are pro photographers with tight deadlines so we understand the need for delivery on specific dates.  If you’re unsure of the best option please contact us to discuss your project and deadline.  We are flexible and can push orders out a bit faster if need be and possibly offer a reduced rush rate for large orders, etc.


We offer the acrylic in 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″.   We do offer 1″ acrylic blocks as well in limited sizes.  More info on those can be found here.  Generally, the thicker you go, the more vibrancy and depth you’ll achieve, but all products look terrific.

All of our acrylic is clear cast and of the highest quality for face mounting.  We do offer an upgrade with the TruLife acrylic in 1/8″ thickness only.  It offers glare reduction, scratch resistance, anti-static properties and better UV protection (99% vs 75%).

acrylic_polish_nopolishEDGE FINISH OPTION

Routed/Sanded Edge
This option is included in the base price of our acrylic face mount product and provides a nice finished edge, just more opaque  than the polished edge upgrade.

Diamond Polished Edge
The upgrade option here is for a diamond polished edge with a completely smooth, see  through edge.

TIP: As you get thicker with the acrylic, the diamond polished edge becomes more important.  So, with the 1/8″ you could really go either way.  It is recommended with the 1/4″, but many customers are just fine with a routed edge.   It is required with the 1/2″ acrylic and 1″ blocks.  It’s the combo of  the thicker acrylic and the diamond polished edge that gives the piece a really cool 3D effect.


Satin/Lustre Paper
We offer a Diamond Jet Photolustre paper which is a very nice paper and included in the base price of all our products.  While it’s a fine choice for any photo, the metallic paper upgrade (see below) is a terrific upgrade for many photos. The satin/lustre paper is typically recommended with photos where people are the focus (ie. family portraits) as well as softer, less vibrant images.

Metallic Paper
We offer the best pigment inkjet metallic paper available which is the Lexjet Sunset Metallic paper.  This is a nice upgrade for photos that are bold and vibrant and offers a bit more depth and pop to the image particularly when combined with the acrylic product.

Note: We are often asked to provide an image showing the difference between the two, but it’s impossible to capture on a camera.  If you’re uncertain, contact us for a consultation and/or consider ordering a couple small paper proofs to see the difference.


Aluminum/Cleat Option
While the floating/hanging mechanism won’t be seen once the art is on the wall, some like the more elegant look of the aluminum subframe.

Wood/Wire Option
Kiln dried doug fir wood floats your art 3/4″ from the wall and included hanging wire and drywall hook allow for a quick 1 minute install no tools required.

Shipping Info

  • The standard ground shipping price is 10% of the product price for art 40×30″ and below and is fully insured by us.
    • Shipping to AK, HI or Canada is 25% of product price + $10.
    • Shipping anywhere else in the world is generally 35-50% of product price depending on size and location.  Contact us for a quote.
  • While we take great care in how we package your art, shipping damage can occur (quite rare).  Each package is fully insured by us.  If any damage occurs we replace it immediately.  Just take a few pics of the box and the print.  No need to send it back.
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Ordered picture. Hanging wires in wrong direction (portrait instead of landscape). They replaced picture at no charge and allowed us to keep the initial order.   This great customer service resulted in three more orders for their product. We are VERY happy, satisfied customers.   - Art
Great experience. The print on Aluminum was beautiful, the turnaround was very fast.  - Jeff
Awesome, awesome, awesome. I've used them twice to print an aluminum and an acrylic print. Super fast and looks gorgeous.   - Jim
I've ordered a number of aluminum prints from BumbleJax, small and large. The company's work is uniformly superb. Highly recommended.  - Elektra
I printed and mounted a digital drawing I created on a 9x12' Bamboo board. The drawing came out looking better than I had ever seen it on the computer screen, and the bamboo was excellent quality. I would recommend this site to any artists looking to sell professional digital prints or to give as personalized gifts.  - Alexandria
LOVE LOVE LOVE BumbleJax  - Laura
My experience with Bumblejax has been outstanding. From using their website for placing my order, to interacting with their online chat support, to receiving a phenomenal product. The folks at Bumblejax obviously take great pride in their work.   - Holly
Excellent service and a jaw-dropping product! It looks fantastic on the walls. Can't wait to order another one - probably larger this time.  - Richard