Joe Fenton’s Amazing “Solitude” Face Mounted On Plexi, Printed On Metallic

Hard at work: Joe Fenton creating his detailed piece titled SolitudeIllustrator Joe Fenton is an incredibly patient and passionate artist from Brooklyn, New York.  His “Solitude” piece consumed him for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 months, and when you see the detail of this amazing piece you’ll understand why.

‘It took courage to start it as I had never done anything that size before. As you can imagine, you have to invest a lot of your time to complete something like this.  I just had to believe in my process and have faith that it would work out!’ (via Daily Mail)

We just finished up a small sample piece for Joe printing on metallic paper and face mounting the digital reproduction behind 1/8” acrylic with dibond (aluminum composite) backing.  Hope you like it Joe!  Video and pictures never do these justice but nonetheless here’s a video of the piece.  A large scale piece taking up a wall would be spectacular.

New! Metallic Photo Paper Prints On Acrylic

In recent months, we’ve had lots of requests for metallic paper prints which offer an incredibly vibrant, near 3-D effect particularly when mounted behind acrylic.  The acrylic magnifies the beauty of any print and when combined with metallic paper, is a real head turner for those showing their work in galleries or art shows.

Get started creating your acrylic/metallic print today! (the metallic option will appear after you select acrylic – We print on Lexjet’s Sunset Metallic Paper)

It’s difficult to get a feel for the difference in an image or video, so this is something that really needs to be seen with your own eyes to appreciate.  Not sure this is the look for you?  We suggest ordering a smaller 12×9 acrylic piece and if you’re a pro photographer we do offer a 35% discount on your order for an affordable sample piece.  (Pro photographers please contact us for details on our VIP program which offers rebranding, volume discounts and other benefits as well)

Below is video highlighting a large custom piece we did using a customer supplied Kodak Endura Metallic print face mounted behind acrylic.  It should be noted that we are currently using a different brand of metallic paper, but the look is similar.

Get started creating your acrylic/metallic print today! (the metallic option will appear after you select acrylic)

Here’s a short video from Andrea Pender Photography discussing the metallic paper as well.