Modus – Face Mounted Plexiglass Display

modusplex1 modusplex2

Modus is an Iowa based engineering/architecture firm that was interested in displaying their completed projects in the office and ultimately settled on our plexiglass face mounted product which brings an amazing vibrancy to the photo.  Sixteen 24″ x 36″ face-mounted plexiglass prints were hung as part of an open house for their new office building.

Chris, our contact at Modus, came up with his own definition of BumbleJax:

Bumblejax (n.) : Village of hardworking rockstars that know how to get stuff done.

Thanks Chris!  We enjoy what we do and thrilled your open house was a success.

If you are a business, artist, clown, fireman, nurse or anyone else and are looking for more then a few prints or want a custom size, call us for a quote (1-877-518-5187) or email us at


Rocky Mountain Health Plans Acrylic Mounts Decor


Rocky Mountain Health Plans of Colorado wanted a unique way to decorate their new offices and turned to BumbleJax for some pizzaz using our acrylic photo mounts in various custom sizes.

“The acrylic prints are AMAZING!! I received them yesterday and was so excited I couldn’t wait for our operations crew to hang them up, so I enlisted my family to help me hang them last night. Everyone on staff is so excited, we all love our new artwork.

Please pass along my compliments to the rest of your team (I cannot say enough nice things).”


Custom Aluminum Landscape


We really enjoyed helping to capture the moment for Kristina in this project.  The landscape photo taken at the beach on July 4th in Homer, Alaska was spread out on three 26.75 x 11 aluminum pieces to give the viewer a sense of being there.  The 1/8″ thick aluminum pieces are extremely durable and should hold up for a lifetime, while providing a modern, gallery quality appearance.

“I love my prints. They turned out fantastic and look great on my wall.”

Thanks Kristina!  We appreciate you sharing your wall art!

Need custom sizing or volume pricing?  Give us a shout at 1-877-518-5187.


Huge Plexiglass Digital Art Mural

This is a video of the largest plexiglass photo mounting we’ve done to date.  It’s mounted behind 1/4″ plexi with a dibond backer.  The digital art piece was done by local artist George Atherton using Corel Painter, printed on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper (supplied by artist) which when combined with the plexiglass, gives it an amazing vibrancy and depth.  We plan to offer metallic paper to our customers in the very near future so stay tuned!

The video really doesn’t do the piece justice.  This was an extraordinary piece that we wish we had for ourselves in the shop!  Simply stunning.  It was a pleasure working with George and we hope to do more work for him in the future.


Bordered Dibond

With our standard product the image spans the material, but this is a cool looking framed mount.  In this case we used dibond which sandwiches plastic between two thin sheets of aluminum.  While many of our customers like the raw sheet of aluminum, the dibond is 50% lighter and more rigid than aluminum, so isn’t as susceptible to bowing.  It also has a nicer brushed aluminum finish which works better for a border.  We don’t offer the bordered dibond as a standard product, but if this is a look you’d like to achieve give us a shout for pricing.

Surgery Center Transformed From Blah To Beautiful With 18 Acrylic + Metallic Paper Prints

We teamed up with photographer Tom Payer to brighten the walls of a surgery center in Fairbanks, Alaska with 18 acrylic face mounts using metallic paper.  Tom provides a great walk through of his images on the wall.  Thanks Tom!


From Blah To Beautiful II

Most offices are extremely bland with white walls, white ceilings and obnoxious lighting.  Bumblejax photo mounts can transform office buildings from blah to beautiful and create an environment where you want to jump out of bed and get into work (Ok that part may be an exaggeration 🙂  Anyway, here are some acrylic face mounts we did for an accounting firm in Illinois in partnership with photographer Phil Collyer.