Modern Metal Wall Art For Your Home

There are a lot of different types of wall art for you to choose from when looking to dress up those bare walls. Traditionally, paintings have been the most popular forms of art to hang in your home. Paintings are typically framed but sometimes they are hung as is on a canvas wrapped wooden frame. I have also seen paintings displayed on wood, glass, acrylic, and all kinds of other materials. These days, you have lots of choices for your walls. One of the more modern looking wall art ideas is to have a favorite photo printed and mounted to aluminum. The aluminum Bumblejax uses is .125″ thick (see picture) which, when hung up on the wall, gives the effect of the print floating off the wall. We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers and am hearing over and over again that they love the modernized look of the aluminum print. If you have just moved into a new home and need some metal wall art for your bare walls check out our aluminum prints or one of our other interesting materials.

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