We work hard to make sure every customer is ecstatic about their purchase and our customers have rewarded us with over 1500 rave reviews across all review channels with an average rating of 4.9/5. We have the highest customer service rating in the industry and plan to keep it that way. Thank you to those that have provided us your feedback! The kind words keep us motivated to continue pushing the boundaries of the printng & mounting industry.

(See all Ekomi Reviews) Since partnering with Ekomi in Sept 2012 to provide a review outlet only to paying customers, our customers have sent in nearly 1200 five star reviews there (1500+ across all channels). It's a testament to the fact that we almost always get it right on the first go and if there is any issue we work to resolve it until the customer is 100% satisfied. No exceptions.

If you have purchased from Bumblejax and would like to review your experience good or bad you should have received an email with a link from our independent review provider Ekomi about two weeks after your purchase.

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A Few Yelp Reviews...

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Reviews sent to us via email...

Loved the print!  Process was great!  Service was fantastic! Will be ordering many more!
Ken R., Idaho 

I am absolutely amazed I love it and cant wait to order another one!  The process was easy and it arrived packed well with no damage at all my only problem is I would like to have many to display but don't have the cash flow to support it yet!!  Thanks again and I will be ordering another one soon!
Toni W., South Carolina 

My pieces arrived and they were everything I imagined.  I found the workmanship to be excellent and the ordering process very simple.  Can’t ask for much more than that.  I will definitely be back.
Susan P., Maryland 

Just wanted to say that the acrylic with metallic paper prints we ordered were fantastic. Production and shipping was super simple and fast, and the prints look great. It's a bit pricey, but compared to the alternatives (canvas or framing) it's not bad. Great option if you want a modern look without a frame, but want your image to really stand out against the wall.
Lee V., Texas 

My print in the acrylic format arrived today. I love it! It is so gorgeous. Can't wait to get it hung on the wall downstairs. A friend stopped by to see it and she said that it looked like the prints she saw in an art gallery exhibit last year that she remembered loving because of the display. That was my first thought - that it looked like it belonged in a museum, not on my basement wall! Wow.
Stephanie S., Indiana 
Your service is second to none.  Your attention to detail and quality of your work can not be surpassed.   I am looking forward ordering some new prints next month.
Milenko S., Florida 

The acrylic arrived yesterday intact...packaging was impeccable and the print "freakn awesome"
Tom P., Fairbanks, Alaska 

Just wanted to let you know that I received the photos today and they are, in fact, "AWESOME!!"  They were as wonderful as I had hoped.
Sue G., Chicago, IL 

Just wanted to let you know I got the pictures. They are quite stunning. The metalic paper really ads a depth of colour and crispness to the image, even in black and white. Thank you so much for the help. Can't wait to place my next order.
Natasha, Winnipeg, Canada 

I just received my first print from Bumblejax and I have to say it met every one of my expectations. The print was flawless and the mounting was perfect.  I also appreciated the bomb-proof packaging as well.  I suspect that a large majority of my fine art photography will be printed and mounted with you from this point forward.  My beautiful acrylic arrived just fine! I love it! Ordering was easy and smooth for me.  Thanks for providing a great product.
Darrin S., Montana 

My beautiful acrylic arrived just fine!  I love it!  Ordering was easy and smooth for me.  Thanks for providing a great product.
Dianna L., New Mexico 

Received my first Bumblejax item back this morning - what can I say... simply amazing !! Outstanding work... you guys are the BEST.  Put the photo on my office wall and had a office member wanting to buy it within 13 minutes, not sold of course 😉  You will get all my work from this day forth.
Jess, California 

Just a quick note of thanks for the excellent work!  The 50" x 35" print is already hanging in our living room…it occupies the most prominent viewing location.  I could not be more pleased with the colors, quality of framing and your personal service.   The touch-ups that we talked over after looking at the proof came out perfect.  Without reserve, I will recommend you to folks in my photo-club and for my future print needs.
Ken, Washington 

I had seen Bumblejax mounted photos before and I was eager to give them a try. I recently ordered a 30 x 20 architectural photo on the aluminum mount for a client and it turned out GREAT. The Bumblejax website makes ordering and uploading a breeze.  Customer service is quick with an e-mail to let you know they received the order and the estimated ship date.  Another e-mail comes when it ships.  But, when it arrives is when you really appreciate the professionals at Bumblejax.  They do a fantastic job at printing and mounting and then they package and ship it with obvious care.  Thank you! I look forward to placing my next order. I really want to try the metallic paper and acrylic mount next.
Brian, Florida

I really was very happy with the quality of the image.  As a graphic designer, I have a pretty high standard and I was very pleased with the production value.  It was an added plus that the picture came in time for Christmas.  AT the last minute I did not pay the extra $$$ to have it arrive on time, and it showed up anyway.
Betsy, Maine

I ordered several acrylic prints from BumbleJax and they were spectacular, carefully packed, arrived on time, and excellent quality.  I will be ordering more of these incredible showcase prints.
Bob, New Mexico

You guys are great- from the front end customer service and the processing of the artwork to the final delivery, this has been a fantastic experience. My images look beautiful on acrylic and metal; I've received so many compliments on the beautful job you all did.  Thanks again for a perfect first time experience, and I look forward to many more to come!
Stacey, Florida

Living near Miami, you wonder why I had this shipped all the way from the State of Washington...the attached picture of your Acrylic work speaks for itself.  I tried, couldn't find someone in Miami to do it like you!
James, Miami, FL

My order arrived and looks fabulous!  I was amazed at how easy the ordering process was, and how quickly the artwork arrived.  I will definitely be ordering some more pieces as gifts.
Lisa, New Jersey 

Wow!!!! The print looks stunning. You guys did an incredible job. Much props to you and your team. I can't tell you how much I love it. Amazing.
Angel, Georgia

It looks fantastic! Even better than my first order, which looked great, too.  Web site is easy to use. For standard size photo processing, it's a cake walk. I used it for the first order, everything went smoothly, the electronic communications were best-of-class (timely, accurate, easy link to tracking info, etc) and the photo arrived faster than I expected.  I haven't tried the normal paper, so I can only comment on the metallic upgrade, acrylic enlargement option. Super finish. Mounting woodwork is very high quality. Packaging insures it arrives safe and sound.  I needed special cropping on my second order. Usually, a few inches here or there won't make much difference on an enlargement, but I had a piece with an unusual, non-standard aspect ratio and I didn't want to lose any of the existing image. I emailed my inquiry, got a phone call the next day from Corey, even though he was on vacation in Mexico, and he explained my options. He followed up with FTP instructions via email, then another phone call to confirm my order and obtain my payment info. Incredible service, for custom work. It doesn't get any better. My only complaint? You really should let Corey take a few days off, now and then! He quoted a few weeks lead time, said you would try to do better, if the shop can move the schedule forward. As it turned out, they did, by a few days. The second order arrived, safe and sound.

You have it down to a science. The product is great. I have looked around Chicago for local sources and just haven't found anything comparable. I can get high quality enlargements, but haven't found the mounting options you offer. I found you online and thought I would give you a shot. You performed, beyond my expectations. The end product is important. That's what customers are looking for, and most customers would probably put up with some crap to get a good end product. At Bumblejax, that isn't necessary. You folks are super easy to do business with. How refreshing! Great product, great fulfillment systems, great staff. Great job! You will be getting more of my business.
Steve, Chicago 

I just opened up the acrylic print, wowwww!!!  It looks absolutely amazing!  It turned out way better than I imagined.  I thought it would look cool, but had no idea that it would look this cool.  The detail, the nice clean edging... it looks so, so good.  Thank you for your fast turn-around on this, and thank you for doing such amazing work!  I am truly impressed.  I haven't been this excited about a print, ever.  You'll definitely be hearing from me again soon.  Thanks again!
Sarah, Colorado

Amazing quality.  Thank you so much!  I'll be sending you more business soon.
Ariel, Florida

"I can't believe I'm placing this stunning piece in our guest bathroom - but it has made our boring little bathroom so much richer.  Amazing work you do.  I am a customer for life.  And how did I ever hang art without that hook?  Do you sell them?  Thank you again, I'm obsessed with my water art.
Ariane, Connecticut

"I couldn't be happier with my order. I was blown away when I opened the box and saw what it looked like in person. It was so high quality and once I hung it up it made my room look amazing. Couldn't of been better, THANKS"
- Matt, New Jersey

"My acrylic was everything that I hoped that it would be plus much much more. Fantastic job and my compliments to your staff. The photo was a shot of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Everytime my wife and I look at it, we think about the great time we had in Switzerland.

As soon as I can save up some cash, I'll be sending you some additional images of our photo ops in the USA. Thanks again. Great Job!"
- Norm, Michigan

"I love my print, it turned out even better than I'd anticipated. I definitely like your service, and I will definitely use the coupon for another photo."
- Andy, Washington

"I love the print! It looks incredible and was super easy to mount. I couldn't be happier. Thanks!"
- Alicia, Washington

"Absolutely love it. I gave it to my girlfriend for her birthday and she loved it as well as the guests at the party. Thanks again and I will be ordering again as well as passing on your web info. to everyone I know. The photo is clear as can be. You do great work and should be proud!"
- Kyle, Wisconsin

"We just received our acrylic mounted photo of our grand daughter. It is gorgeous. The acrylic makes the photo almost look 3-dimensional. The fact that it's ready to hang is great. The shipment arrived two days earlier than anticipated too. Thank you so much for the ability to display a fine photo, much less expensive than going to a photo studio."
- Bob, Washington

Webster Dictionary: Bumblejax (n.) : Village of hardworking rockstars that know how to get stuff done.  "Thanks again, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from us in the future for additional prints!"
- Chris, Iowa
"I love my prints. They turned out fantastic and look great on my wall."
- Kristina, Washington

"We are very happy with the print and only wish we had done it bigger. I was very surprised how quickly it arrived. I will definitely use you again."
- Kathy, Washington

"I got home yesterday and spotted a lovely package on the front porch. I was so excited I made my baby hang out in his car seat (inside the house, of course) while I retrieved the package and tore into it! The print is exactly as I imagined it! I can't wait to get it hung and admire it in all it's ceiling suspended glory! Thank you for a great job and for your excellent customer service!"
- Jenny, Oklahoma

"I just wanted to let you know I received my mounted print tonight and it's awesome. I love it!! I will try a couple more pieces using different materials shortly to see how they look, but I absolutely love the current aluminum one!!  I will definitely send more business your way!"
- Shell, San Francisco

"I love my print! I chose the image to be mounted on the 1/2" black gatorboard with the satin laminate overlay. I love that the matte finish perfectly compliments the dreamy quality of my Holga photograph. Blown up to 24"X24" it still retains the subtle details of light and shadow. I will be using Bumblejax again!"
- Pauline, Washington

"I just got my acrylic prints and they are awesomet! Great job! Will definitely do this again."
- Laetitia, New York

"The acrylic prints are AMAZING!! I received them yesterday and was so excited I couldn't wait for our operations crew to hang them up, so I enlisted my family to help me hang them last night. Everyone on staff is so excited, we all love our new artwork. I cannot wait to see the billboards! My brother is coming out tonight to take some pictures of them so you can see how they look on the walls. Please pass along my compliments to the rest of your team (I cannot say enough nice things). Thank you for all of your help!"
- Jennifer, Colorado

Just wanted to send a quick not to thank you for a fantastic job.  They turned out beautifully on the aluminum.  Wow!  I will be ordering more soon!
Tori, Washington

The first 5 photos came in.  We put them on the wall immediately.  We were so happy with how they came out.  The metallic paper was a great touch.
- Michael, New York

My prints look great!  They turned out really nice.  In fact so nice that I would like to order two more images.
- Stephanie, Washington

Got the piece and it was great.  Getting many compliments and 3d (with metallic paper) really makes the orchid stand out.  Great detail and color.
- Ken, Illinois

Yes, my order arrived and both prints are just beautiful!  I love how easy it was to hang with the hook you included--couldn't be simpler.  Thanks so much and I will definitely be a repeat customer.  🙂
- Amy, Texas

The photo arrived and looks great!! Thanks for all your help and I will definitely be a repeat customer.
- Aaron, Illinois

I was very pleased with my picture.  Of all the services I have used this one is the most appreciative of my business.  I had a reason to call the other day and actually got a person.  I was shocked.  I have already placed another order.
- Carla, Arizona

I received the package today and was blown away! Thank you for how carefully you packaged everything. They turned out great on the metallic paper also!
- Bobby, Hawaii

The print is phenomenal.  we're blown away! It's sitting on a carpeted floor now leaning against a wall.  we'll get it hung in the next couple of days.  . but really, GREAT JOB.  the tree looks 3D.  very trippy. and i love how different lighting plays on the photo in different ways.
- David, California

I read about BumbleJax in Real Simple.  The prices were unexpectedly low, so I ordered right away.  The website was easy to navigate and the upload was simple.  I had them blow up a BW photo onto a 2 foot square metal backing.  The photo is of the lake at my family's cabin.  The finished product is AWESOME.  And I got it faster than promised.  Love it and will be ordering again from them this month!
- Margit, Minnesota

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