It’s a thrill working with photographers and digital artists here at Bumblejax, transforming the digital image into gallery quality wall art through modern photo mounting techniques.  The photographers we work with understand that in a highly competitive market, a unique presentation helps to stand out in a crowd.  We offer a variety of different options that 95% of the people outside of the photography world haven’t seen before.  Whether it be our popular acrylic face mount products (both for the wall and desk) or the beautiful natural look of bamboo, we have a little something for everyone and every image.  We look forward to working with you!

The Bumblejax Difference

With all the photo labs out there you might be asking yourself: why trust us with your projects?

1.  Highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry.  Don’t take our word for it.  See our reviews at EkomiGoogleFacebook, and Yelp.  Our average review across all channels is 4.96/5.  We like to round up and call it an even 5/5  🙂

2. Dedicated to going the extra mile in quality and customer support.  There are other companies that have good quality and support, but we take it to another level.  What happens if you find a small flaw in a print?  What happens if you receive a print that is damaged in shipping just a couple days before the biggest show of your life?  What if you want to blind ship a package with your own branding.  How about a highly customized order with unique specs?  Need to send an order to a small island?  We’ve done it all and if anything goes wrong we work with the customer on a solution until they are 100% satisfied.  Our promise is that we will take care of you every single time.

3.  Big first order discount and permanent discounting after that.   We provide our photographer customers a big 50% off their first order up to $200 off (can save this discount for any order).  After that, we provide permanent discounting based on how much business you have done with us and these levels are permanent.  Once you reach the levels below, your discount remains for life.  This is our way of rewarding our loyal customers.

  • Up to $2500 you get 10% off every order.
  • Once you’re between $2500 – $5000 your discount increases to 13% off.
  • Once you have reached $5000 in business with us every order is discounted at 15%.
  • For very large orders we can at times offer discounting of 17-20% depending on the product, time of year, etc.

4.  Dedicated account manager.  For every project where you need assistance in setting up the order, shipping rates, etc you’ll be helped by a dedicated account manager throughout the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

5.  Drop Shipping & Branding.  We provide drop shipping to your customer and can even add in your own branding for you.  We never include any invoicing in the box and can take it further by adding your own branding (ie you sending us labels to adhere to the box and/or print, a brochure in the box, etc).

6.  Free Consultations, Minor Photo Editing.  Do you need to discuss what product is the best fit for your space and photos?  Perhaps you need some minor adjustments to color, noise reduction, sharpening, etc.  We’ll take care of this for you at no charge.  For large orders, we may need to charge something, but it’s very reasonable.  We don’t nickel and dime our customers.

7.  No ROES software!  Only easy online ordering.

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