Game Changing Digital Camera Lytro Technology Is Coming

lytrocamera Out of focus digital images may soon be a thing of the past thanks to game changing technology from Silicon startup Lytro.  The company has found a way to adjust the focus of a digital image after the picture has been taken.  Lytro founder and CEO Ren Ng first explained the concept in a 2006 doctoral dissertation at Stanford University and has been able to take the idea from theory to application with a release of the first consumer camera slated for later this year.

The Lytro camera will capture far more light data from many more angles than a current camera does with a special sensor called a micolens array.  Sophisticated software allows the user to use the data points to manipulate the image in a variety of ways including eliminating any blur.  One big advantage of this technology is that the action shot can be much quicker.  No more waiting for the camera to focus which often times results in the shot being lost.  The camera will also capture enough data for 3-D images which could be viewed with 3-D glasses on a TV or PC.  No word on the pricing of this camera yet which will initially be sold through online retailers such as Amazon as well as the Lytro website.  This looks like exciting technology and I can’t wait for the reviews to come in.  We may have to purchase one for the Bumblejax shop and write up our own review! 

New! Metallic Photo Paper Prints On Acrylic

In recent months, we’ve had lots of requests for metallic paper prints which offer an incredibly vibrant, near 3-D effect particularly when mounted behind acrylic.  The acrylic magnifies the beauty of any print and when combined with metallic paper, is a real head turner for those showing their work in galleries or art shows.

Get started creating your acrylic/metallic print today! (the metallic option will appear after you select acrylic – We print on Lexjet’s Sunset Metallic Paper)

It’s difficult to get a feel for the difference in an image or video, so this is something that really needs to be seen with your own eyes to appreciate.  Not sure this is the look for you?  We suggest ordering a smaller 12×9 acrylic piece and if you’re a pro photographer we do offer a 35% discount on your order for an affordable sample piece.  (Pro photographers please contact us for details on our VIP program which offers rebranding, volume discounts and other benefits as well)

Below is video highlighting a large custom piece we did using a customer supplied Kodak Endura Metallic print face mounted behind acrylic.  It should be noted that we are currently using a different brand of metallic paper, but the look is similar.

Get started creating your acrylic/metallic print today! (the metallic option will appear after you select acrylic)

Here’s a short video from Andrea Pender Photography discussing the metallic paper as well.

The 2010 Travel Photo Contest Winners Circle

Our first ever photo contest just wrapped up and we’re pleased to announce the winners!  There were many great photos with nearly 80 submissions of photos from all over the world.  The voters have spoken and we have our winners.  Congratulations to our winners circle and thank you to all who participated!  We’ll likely do another photo contest in the next couple months.  (more…)

BumbleJax Plexiglass Photo Mount Featured As Top Christmas Gift Idea

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift idea for that someone who seems to have everything?  A Bumblejax print or gift certificate is a great way to go!  Lindsay Roberts offers some creative gift ideas over at the and recently included a Bumblejax plexiglass photo mount as one of her top ideas on Fox2 Detroit.  Thanks Lindsay!  Check out the segment below..


Aluminum Photo Art At Hell’s Belles Car Club Auction

helleauction sinnerspiece

It’s always a great feeling to join up with an artist for a good cause.  In this case we partnered with photographer Jay Watson to come up with an art piece for an auction hosted by the Hell’s Belles Car Club to benefit the SF Bay Area Women & Children’s Center.  We mounted Jay’s Sinners & Jammer’s photo to a 20×15 aluminum sheet enhancing the “edge” of the image.  In a review of the piece, Jay said, “The perfectly flat 1/8″ aluminum feels solid and definitive. It’s weight alone makes you feel like you are holding something important and of substance.”  Glad you liked it Jay and thanks for allowing us to participate in this event in some way.  We’d love to be a part of it again next year!

You can read Jay’s full review of the BumbleJax experience here

Plexiglass Pizzaz From BumbleJax At Rocky Mountain Health Plans


Rocky Mountain Health Plans of Colorado wanted a unique way to decorate their new offices and turned to BumbleJax for some pizzaz using our acrylic photo mounts in various custom sizes.

“The acrylic prints are AMAZING!! I received them yesterday and was so excited I couldn’t wait for our operations crew to hang them up, so I enlisted my family to help me hang them last night. Everyone on staff is so excited, we all love our new artwork.

Please pass along my compliments to the rest of your team (I cannot say enough nice things).”

2010 Travel Photo Contest

travelphotocontest2010 It’s here! The first ever Bumblejax photo contest and we’re providing four opportunities to win a gallery quality photo mount (ok well three, plus a coupon).  Depending on the interest, we hope to do a few of these a year with different themes and our first go at it welcomes your favorite travel photo!  Now’s a great time to go through your folders of travel photos and let the best shine in our contest. 

The submission period will take place from now until Nov 11th and  the voting period will last about three weeks from Nov 11th to Dec 2nd.  The winners will be announced on December 7th and announced on our website and facebook (with permission). 

The grand prize winner as voted by the public will receive a 32×24 bamboo mount valued at $257, the 2nd place winner a 20×15 acrylic, the 3rd place winner a 12×9 aluminum and the 4th place winner a coupon for 20% off on a single print.  You can’t win if you don’t play, so head on over to our travel photo contest and show off that favorite travel photo!

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