Bumblejax Printing & Product Buyer Guides

We have released two guides to help our customers prepare their files for printing and determine the best product and configuration for their particular photo, style preference, decor and/or budget.  We know it can be a tough decision to decide on a particular product especially if you’re new to this style of frameless photo mounting.  Hopefully, the buyer’s guide will help steer you in the right direction! Of course, we’re available via email, phone, and live chat too if you need to consult with one of our experts.

Here are the links or just click on the images below.

Bumblejax Printing Guide   |    Bumblejax Product Guide



Need Artwork For Your Home Or Office? Bumblejax Has You Covered!

Are you looking for gallery quality art for your home or office?  Whether you’re an interior designer or designing a space for yourself in a home or corporate office, we can create beautiful wall art for you using unique materials such acrylic, bamboo and raw aluminum.  Every piece is handcrafted locally here in Seattle and shipped worldwide.  We print any digital image to high-grade photo paper then mount it to our unique materials for a modern, high-end look.  You can use your own images as many do to personalize the space or choose from our libraries of over 50 million high quality images.  Here are your options with us.

OPTION 1 – Over 50 Million Images

Our main gallery has over 50 million images to choose from with a sophisticated search engine to choose images by subject, color, and orientation (portrait, landscape, square or panoramic).  You can even exclude images with people in them.  We’ll provide you an account so that you can search for and save the images you like.  From there we’ll pull up the images in Photoshop for you to determine the max size for optimal print quality.

The pricing is straight forward and affordable.  The dimension of the longest side of the print equals the price.  So for example, if you need a 30×20″ print, the price for that image is $30 (discounts available for larger projects).

You don’t need an account to start exploring images!
You can begin your search here.



OPTION 2 – 20K Curated Photos At 1X

The 2nd gallery is a curated gallery of over 20K beautiful photos brought to you by 1x out of Sweden.

The pricing for these images is a bit more expensive, but you’re getting stunning curated images from photographers all over the world. The price is 1.5x the longest side of the print you want. So for example,  if you want a print that is 40×30″, the cost is 40×1.5 or $60 (discounts available for larger projects).

While 1x does have a lightbox feature allowing you to save images you like (don’t even need to login), we aren’t able to see those on our end like we can with our gallery so you’ll need to eventually send us either the URL or the Photo ID # of the image.   To find the Photo ID just select the image, hit the buy button and copy the ID under the image.  DO NOT MAKE THE PURCHASE HERE. You’ll get a better price through us and we’ll be able to review the image for print quality before you purchase.  We’ll include the price of the image in your project with us.

You can begin your search for that perfect image at 1X here.

You’ll see the standard photo search bar at the top and below that is a row of filter functions.  You can choose a category, the color you want, a photo tag subject, a certain photographer, the MB size, shape and see your personal lightbox.  The sort and filter button will allow you to see those most favorited, most sold and newest additions.

OPTION 3 – Another curated gallery Artprintstopia.com

This is a much smaller curated gallery of high quality digital art, paintings and photography. Search for images at www.artprintstopia.com and if you see something you like pass along the URL of the image.

We have far more options with sizes and product options than what is available for ordering there so it’s best to just contact us with the images you want.  Simply just send us the URL(s) of the page for that image.

Pricing really varies by artist since they set the pricing. We can typically negotiate a better deal than what is currently listed.  This is another reason to just contact us with what you need rather than ordering off the site.

Search for cool art at ArtPrintstopia here.


If you are having trouble locating a particular style or subject for your art, not sure of the best paper type or product, please let us know and we’re happy to help you select the right photos and right products for your design project!

If you already have images you need for your artwork you can go to our easy online upload and configuration system to order your art!

Questions or comments?  Please contact us here.

Sister Site ArtPrintstopia.com Launches! Art Prints Mounted To Acrylic, Bamboo & Aluminum

We are pleased to announce the launch of our sister site ArtPrintstopia which is a curated gallery of international artists offering prints mounted by Bumblejax to Acrylic, Bamboo, Aluminum & Foam. The gallery will feature photography, iPhoneography, illustrations, paintings and digital art from artists all over the world. As far as we know it’s the only gallery offering modern mounting and we think you’ll love the art we have featured with much more to come! If you’d like to be featured, head on over to ArtPrintstopia.com and submit a support request. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to accept everyone to be featured in the gallery, but if you have a unique style give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

New! Gallery Quality Art From Your Hipstamatic & Instagram iPhone Photos

It’s now possible to create gallery quality wall art from your Hipstamatic & Instagram iPhone photos here at Bumblejax.com!  We now offer a few smaller square sizes at 7×7, 12×12 and 18×18 to accommodate these iPhone apps and hopefully soon we’ll be able to offer 24×24 wall art once they upgrade their software for the new iPhone just released.  We’ve worked up a few samples here at the shop which you can see below.  They look terrific on all the materials and would be a great addition in any room.

NEW! We are now fully integrated with Instagram which means you can now directly import your photos from Instagram into our configuration screen.

You may Configure your order here !

For more information, check out our dedicated page.

Game Changing Digital Camera Lytro Technology Is Coming

lytrocamera Out of focus digital images may soon be a thing of the past thanks to game changing technology from Silicon startup Lytro.  The company has found a way to adjust the focus of a digital image after the picture has been taken.  Lytro founder and CEO Ren Ng first explained the concept in a 2006 doctoral dissertation at Stanford University and has been able to take the idea from theory to application with a release of the first consumer camera slated for later this year.

The Lytro camera will capture far more light data from many more angles than a current camera does with a special sensor called a micolens array.  Sophisticated software allows the user to use the data points to manipulate the image in a variety of ways including eliminating any blur.  One big advantage of this technology is that the action shot can be much quicker.  No more waiting for the camera to focus which often times results in the shot being lost.  The camera will also capture enough data for 3-D images which could be viewed with 3-D glasses on a TV or PC.  No word on the pricing of this camera yet which will initially be sold through online retailers such as Amazon as well as the Lytro website.  This looks like exciting technology and I can’t wait for the reviews to come in.  We may have to purchase one for the Bumblejax shop and write up our own review! 

Plexiglass Wall Art For Your Home!

PlexiPerfect! Handmade, gallery ready prints that ship ready to hang on your wall.

PlexiPerfect! Handmade, gallery ready prints that ship ready to hang on your wall.

I don’t like to honk my own horn (ok, maybe just a little) but I think we’ve offered something rather unique here at BumbleJax. We have mastered the art of digital photo mounting. BumbleJax allows you to have your digital photo shown in a gallery ready format! Having your digital photo printed out on our high end, large format printer and then face mounted to one of our unique substrates will give you something special to hang on your wall. One of the substrates we offer is acrylic, also known as plexiglass. This is my personal favorite and is becoming a very popular format for displaying photos in galleries and museums. Choosing to have your print face mounted to acrylic will give your print a clarity and richness that just can’t be achieved with any other technique. Check out our site and let me know what you think, I would love your feedback and to answer any questions you might have.

Your fellow photo enthusiast,


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