Discover beautiful art prints in our curated online art gallery!  Over the past few months and in the coming years we have and will continue to partner with some exceptional painters, photographers, digital artists and illustrators. They are featured in the world’s first curated gallery offering modern photo mounting to all three unique materials – acrylic (plexi), bamboo and raw aluminum.  Artprintstopia is open for business!  Below is a sampling of each artist representing their unique styles.  You may click on their name to see all of their featured work and to purchase prints (mounted or just the print).

Note: All images are cropped to square format.  Please click the thumbnails for the full image & accurate dimension.

Markus Reugels
Markus Reugels of Germany has caught the attention of the photography world with his beautiful water drop photography where water drops collide to form magnificent and colorful abstract liquid art.

Andrew Osta
Andrew is a painter from Mexico who offers a unique style, where priority is given to color and composition, forms are abstracted, and symbolism is used extensively. 

Barry Wolfryd
Barry is another painter from Mexico whose style is  influenced by jazz, Frank Zappa and pop culture.  You won’t find his unique style anywhere else!

Dana Carson
Dana specializes in nature photography capturing the abundance of beauty and miracles all around us. 

Giulio Ercolani
Giulio of Rome discovered a passion for photography 30 years ago and that continues today with a renewed passion for digital photography.

Joe Italiano
Joe has traveled the world with camera in tow seeking to immerse himself in wild beauty and capture it in a way that reflects and nurtures the innate wildness that exists in nature and within ourselves.

Laura Barbosa
Laura’s work is a diverse journey “exploring the deepest corners of my mind” with each piece conveying her individuality, spontaneity and ideas.

Liz Ruest
Liz’s collage work incorporates a warm color palette and a sense of history and age. Her degree in computer science, with electives in art, have come together again in this digital world.

Mark Johnson
Mark is one of the top wave photographers in the world and we’re proud to be featuring some of his work.

Nicky Sanford
Nicky is a photographer specializing in iPhoneography finding inspiration through her daily surroundings.

Pauline Smith
Since 2000, photographer Pauline Smith has taken her cameras to Canada, China, France, Greece, Italy, Macau, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and across the U.S.  She looks to find the familiar in a places she’s never been, looking to capture an otherwise missed moment.  “I look for stillness.”

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