Transform Your Digital Photos Into Gallery Quality Art With Acrylic Photo Mounting

acrylic photo mounting in kitchen Acrylic Photo Mounting via Beautiful Acrylic Print

More samples of our acrylic prints. Click thumbnail for large image, click image to close.


Bumblejax is at the forefront of transforming the art world from traditional framing techniques to more modern frameless photo mounting on unique materials such as bamboo, acrylic and aluminum. While frameless photo mounting on acrylic and other mediums has been used for years by artists and photographers in gallery settings, we have made it our mission to bring it to the masses affordably. If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look, an industrial look or a more natural look, we have what you’re looking for.

Not All Acrylic Prints Are Created Equally!  What Are The Differences?

Whether you have your beautiful prints mounted in a traditional way with glass and frame or in a more modern way with our acrylic frameless photo mounts, it’s important to know the differences in how it’s made because it can affect color as well as durability.

Direct Print vs Face Mount:  There are many companies printing directly onto the acrylic out there right now.  It’s a cheaper option if price is an issue, but it’s important to know  that you will lose some color vibrancy and accuracy.  Here at Bumblejax we print to high quality paper and then face mount your image to acrylic for the absolute greatest color quality and vibrancy.

Stand Off Bolts:  Most companies will use stand off bolts in each corner to provide a way to hang or attach two acrylic pieces.  We believe this is distracting and takes away from the center of attention which should be your image!

Dibond vs Sintra vs No Backer:  This is real important particularly for larger pieces.  The backing material is very important to stabilizing your acrylic photo mount over time and there is no better material than Dibond.  ALL our pieces ship with a dibond backer and we wouldn’t consider using anything else (we switched to Dibond from sintra very early on).  Lots of companies use either Sintra which is cheaper and offers less stability or no backer at all if they are printing directly. We will never sacrifice quality for cost cutting measures here at Bumblejax and we pride ourselves on perfection.  We want to make sure you’re informed of the potential differences in acrylic prints.  To help you in your research we created a guide of all the options you’ll want to consider including the aforementioned.  Check it out here!

Acrylic Mounted Prints: Stunningly Beautiful & Modern

  • NEW!  Now offering acrylic proofs without backing material and hanging hardware so you can see how your photo looks behind acrylic at a fraction of the price.
  • The frameless face mount behind the 1/8″ acrylic really showcases the image in a way a traditional frame can not
  • NEW! Now offering 1/4” acrylic as an upgrade (available as an option at the acrylic configuration page, but please note this is a custom order that requires 2 extra business days to produce).
  • Durable. Provides the perfect protection for your print. Won’t break and wipe it clean! Also available for ordering now is a cleaning solution and cloth designed specifically for the acrylic.  Don’t use Windex.
  • Popular. While relatively unknown to the general public, it’s our best selling product and popular with photographers particularly on the east coast.
  • Unique. Sure to be a gem among a sea of traditional frames.
  • Vibrancy. The acrylic creates a near 3-D effect and the colors really pop!
  • Acrylic + Metallic = WOW. Enhance the 3-D effect and vibrancy a bit more with our metallic paper option! More than half our customers choose the upgrade.
  • It’s Personal!. We don’t just create art here at Bumblejax, we create memories. A photo of that vacation, your wedding or your child is transformed into beautiful, gallery quality art.

Video doesn’t do it justice, but…. it’s another good way to get a sense of this spectacular medium. The first video is a shot of a very large digital art creation using an acrylic mount with metallic paper and it was stunning. The 2nd video shows the process of creating the acrylic art.

Video 1 ::: Acrylic Photo Mount With Metallic Paper Video 2 ::: The Process!

Why BumbleJax?

  • Experienced. Our in house craftsmen have years of experience in the industry
  • Gallery Quality. We are meticulous about making sure your print is perfect.
  • Free Image Consulting & Color Correction. We won’t nickel and dime you for quality service, we just want you happy.
  • Passionate. Your art is our passion and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.
  • Quick Turnaround. Your art will ship out within a week!
  • Ready To Hang. Comes with wood slats and easy hanging hardware.
  • Superior Customer Service. We pride ourselves on offering the kind of support that isn’t matched in this industry.
  • Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews. See our testimonials page to see what our customers have to say.


Pricing & Shipping Info

Pricing for our standard sizes is listed above.  If you need a custom size, give us a shout and we’ll get a quote to you quickly. We can do very large acrylic face mount pieces up to 92×46” and we can even mount your own prints (with certain requirements which can be seen at our FAQ page).

Standard shipping charge is 8% per order, but expedited shipping options are available as well.  Our standard production time is 4-6 business days, but we also provide a Rush Order option which gets your order out our door in 2 business days (12PM PST cutoff for 1 business day).

Questions? Call us toll free at 1-877-518-5187 or email

Get started creating your acrylic photo art today by heading over to our super simple acrylic configuration page. Just upload, choose your size, the paper option and voila! Your art will be at your door before you know it and ready to hang.

NEW!  Our large acrylic prints look terrific hanging on your wall and now we have a terrific product for your desk or mantle – acrylic photo blocks!  These stunning 1″ thick, polished works of art illuminate your image like no other medium. Get all the info on these free standing acrylic photo blocks here.